PhD, Sociology, 2011

Texas A&M University
Dissertation Title: “Our Generation Had Nothing to Do with Discrimination”: White Southern Memory of Jim Crow and Civil Rights

MA, Sociology, 2004

University of Florida
Thesis Title: Facing Off in a Southern Town: Black and White Perspectives on Race and Racism

BA, Sociology, 2002

University of Arkansas
Cum laude, Gender Studies minor


Stratification/Inequality; Race and Ethnicity; Social Memory; Race, Class, and Gender; Qualitative Methods; Identity & Emotions


Whitewashing the South: White Memories of Segregation and Civil Rights

Rowman & Littlefield


Lavelle, Kristen M. (Forthcoming) “Under Siege in Any Era: White Threat and Victim Memories of the Civil Rights Movement.” Du Bois Review.

Bracey, Glenn, Christopher Chambers, Kristen Lavelle, and Jennifer C. Mueller. Forthcoming (2017). “The White Racial Frame: A Roundtable Discussion.” In Systemic Racism: Making Liberty, Justice, and Democracy Real, edited by Ruth Thompson-Miller and Kimberley Ducey. Palgrave Macmillan.

McQueeney, Krista and Kristen M. Lavelle. 2017. “Emotional Labor in Critical Ethnographic Work: In the Field and Behind the Desk.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 46(1):81-107. DOI: 10.117/0891241615602310.

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Lavelle, Kristen and Joe Feagin. 2006. “Hurricane Katrina: The Race and Class Debate.” Monthly Review 58(3).


Nominee, CARE (Concern for Adults Returning to Education) Award, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, 2016

Partial Reassignment award (2-course release for research and writing), College of Letters & Sciences, UW-Whitewater, 2016

Award of Excellence, Montana State University (for “exceptional guidance, inspiration and outstanding contributions to the academic excellence of students at MSU”), 2014

Sage Publications Teaching Innovations and Professional Development Award, 2013

“Pure Gold” Award, Montana State (for excellence in undergraduate advising), February 2013

Teaching Innovation Award nominee (for interactive teaching strategies used in the large classroom), Montana State, 2012

Dissertation Research Award, Texas A&M University College of Liberal Arts, 2009

Graduate Student Research Fellowship, Texas A&M Race and Ethnic Studies Institute, 2009

Research grants, Texas A&M Department of Sociology, 2008 & 2009

Ruth C. Schaffer Award for best sole-author graduate student paper presented at the 2007 ASA annual meeting, Texas A&M Department of Sociology, 2007

Alumni Fellowship, University of Florida, 2002-04


“Conceptualizing a White Moral Identity through Whites’ Memories of the American South,” Humber College Liberal Arts Conference, Toronto, 2015.

“Learning the Feeling Rules: Emotional Labor in Critical Qualitative Research,” by Krista McQueeney. Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, 2013.

“White Victimology: Self-Victimization Strategies in White Southerners’ Memories of the Civil Rights Era.” American Sociological Association (ASA) Annual Meeting, 2012.

“Contemporary White Southern Denial and Self-Victimization: Remembering School Desegregation.” Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting, 2011.

“A Little Separation, or Complete Oppression? A Comparison of Whites’ and Blacks’ Memories of Legal Segregation.” Southern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, 2009.

“’I Don’t Eat Ketchup to This Day’: Race, Memory, and the Potential for Reconciliation.” ASA Annual Meeting, 2007.

“Whites’ Journeys in Ideological Reconstruction: Developing and Maintaining an Antiracist White Identity.” ASA Annual Meeting, 2005 (with Chris S. Chambers and Danielle M. Dirks).

“Recalling Racial Relations in a Southern Town: Black Memory and White Amnesia.” ASA Annual Meeting, 2005.


Keynote speaker for Iowa Sociological Association annual meeting, Loras College, April 2017

“How Whites in Greensboro Recall School Desegregation,” Doing Our Work community lecture series, Greensboro, NC, February 2017

“Whitewashing the South,” James Weldon Johnson Institute colloquium series, Emory University, September 2016

Ask-the-author (for Whitewashing the South) session with a sociology graduate course in race & ethnicity, Georgia State University, April 13, 2016.

“Contemporary White Victimology: White Southerners Remember School Desegregation,” Race and Ethnic Studies Institute, Texas A&M University, March 4, 2011

“What Is White about Education?” SisterLynk community organization, Greensboro, NC, February 2011


Assistant Professor

University of Wisconsin–Whitewater
Courses taught: Race and Ethnic Relations, Social Stratification & Social Inequality, Methods of Social Research, Individual & Society, Racial & Ethnic Inequality Beyond the Classroom

Teaching Assistant Professor

Montana State University
Courses taught: Introduction to Sociology, Sociological Research Methods, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, Social Stratification

Visiting Assistant Professor

Salem College
Courses taught: Introduction to Sociology, Race & Ethnic Relations, Social Stratification, Special Topics: Researching Race


Guest Blogger.

Panel Member. “De-Stereotype Me Day,” Montana State University, Fall 2011

Co-organizer and Presenter. “What Is White?” series of community lectures on whiteness, Greensboro, NC, 2010-11

Presentation to faculty and staff: “Race on Campus,” Salem College, Fall 2008

Panel Member. “Diversity and Racial Awareness on Campus,” Salem College, Spring 2007

Panel Member. “Race, Politics and Violence in North Carolina,” Salem College, Spring 2007


McNair Scholars Program
Mentorship program for undergraduate students from underrepresented groups, in preparation for graduate school 

Expanding Horizons
Mentorship program for first-year Native American students at Montana State University


American Sociological Association
Section: Racial and Ethic Minorities

Wisconsin Sociological Association